Two parties. Zero results.

It's time to fix the equation.



of Americans are angry with the way government works


disapprove of the way Congress is doing its job


Our country is on a dangerous trajectory. Our two major political parties are dominated by their most vocal and extreme members, leaving little room for compromise. That’s why we’ve just had the most unproductive Congress in our lifetime. Our nation’s vast challenges are left unsolved. That’s not right.

Most American voters are not that extreme. We've been left behind as our traditional parties moved farther right and left. We do not want to live in an era of partisan extremism and gridlock. The sane, pragmatic majority in America must wrestle the steering wheel of the country away from the extremists on either side.



The Centrist Project is a rapidly growing national force of citizens working to bring real change to real problems. We take the best ideas from both parties and ditch the rest. And, we have a tangible strategy for real change.

It begins by electing five independent, centrist Senators not beholden to the broken parties who, like you, believe fiscal responsibility, economic opportunity, social tolerance and environmental stewardship should come first.

The five who will hold the swing votes on every issue facing the Senate, so neither major party will have the majority.

The five who will work for you, not the parties, pushing Congress to work faster and smarter.

The Centrist Principles

Latest News

Help Fix Our Democracy: Important Ballot Measures We Support

While the Centrist Project is focused on breaking through political gridlock by electing Centrist independent candidates, we are also supportive of structural reforms that share the same goal. We believe good governance starts with an effective electoral process. This election, we are proud to endorse two ballot measures that advance such reforms…

America's Worst Nightmare Right Now

Business guru Michael Porter and his colleagues at Harvard Business School released their latest annual report on the state of the U.S. economy's health and its ability to created shared prosperity for all Americans. A critical finding: the failing U.S. political system is the number one constraint on our economy. It's an astonishing development that America's political system - in particular, the partisanship preventing anything from getting done to address the real issues at the core of our economy - is the top threat to our country's long-term economic success. Porter called this "America's worst nightmare" right now in a recent interview.

Election 2016: The Senate, Wal-Mart Moms, and Centrists

It's been a whirlwind few weeks. ICYMI: new developments in the 2016 elections and implications for our political future.

Food for Thought: Constitutional Convention 2.0

Reflecting on the party conventions, Centrist founder Charlie Wheelan ponders how a Constitutional Convention in modern times could help our political system. In this US News piece, Wheelan notes that “A new Constitutional Convention may be fantasy, but making the system work better is not. One good way to begin restoring our faith in politics is to improve our political institutions so that they more accurately reflect the broad will of the electorate.” And we thank you – our Centrist Community – for your dedication to the cause. Onward!