Two parties. Zero results.

It's time to fix the equation.



of Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of our country (Gallup)


believe we need an alternative to both major political parties (Gallup)


America is on a dangerous trajectory. Both major political parties are moving farther to the ideological extremes, leaving little incentive for leaders to find common ground. The result is that large challenges facing our country are left unsolved and compounding with time.

But most Americans are not on the political extremes. We want our leaders to put our country ahead of their party. We want a political system that serves the people, not the politicians or their special interests. And after the most divisive and dysfunctional election of our lifetime, we’re joining together to reclaim our politics for the sane, pragmatic majority.




The Centrist Project aims to strategically elect independent candidates to office who can break through political gridlock and serve as a voice for all those in the sensible center –– not as a traditional third party, but as America’s first Unparty.

Our “Fulcrum Strategy” is focused on electing a sufficient number of these candidates to closely divided legislatures like the US Senate where, as a swing coalition, they can deny both parties an outright majority and use their disproportionate influence to forge real solutions.

It’s a tangible, achievable plan that can have a major political impact –– and it begins with you.

The Centrist Principles

Latest News

Colorado Centrist Project Celebrates Victory in Thornton

Colorado Centrist Project Celebrates Victory in Thornton   Sam Nizam re-elected to Thornton City Council Denver, CO – The Colorado Centrist Project is celebrating the re-election of Sam Nizam to Thornton City Council, giving the organization its first electoral victory in Colorado and momentum ahead of its plans to compete in state legislative races in 2018

Important Not to Get Grounded in Party Lines This Election Day

Important Not to Get Grounded in Party Lines This Election Day We are living in dangerous political times. When Obama first took office in 2008, partisan alignment became king. Since then, the lines have been pushed steadily further from the center, and it is practically impossible for moderate candidates to make it onto the ballot, much less win an election.

Our Lack of Civil Discourse Encourages Hyper-Partisanship

Hyper partisanship has become the norm in today’s society because we the people no longer are able to engage in polite civil discussions over different points of view. As individual Americans we all have the freedom of expression, belief and speech.  We often hear our elected officials and media spokespersons state these freedoms in a multitude of ways.  We as Americans treasure these freedoms as rights that we possess because we are fortunate enough to live in the USA. Yet,...