Martin Babinec


Martin Babinec is an Independent with a proven track record as an entrepreneur and job creator. Babinec’s experience as a job creator, independent and entrepreneur will help more people pursue their own American Dream, and keep families together while growing stronger communities in Upstate NY.

After growing TriNet into a $2 billion publicly traded company, Babinec and his wife Krista returned home from Silicon Valley to Upstate New York, because they wanted their children to be close to their family. After stepping down as CEO of TriNet, Martin turned his focus to creating jobs in his home district, investing in local companies and starting Upstate Venture Connect a non-profit dedicated to accelerating job growth. He’s using proven effective techniques, not the same-old government jobs programs that have failed the district.

Recent polling shows the race is very competitive between Babinec and his Republican and Democratic opponents. Today, Babinec is best poised to be the first independent candidate in 26 years to win a seat in Congress. That’s an incredible feat when starting from zero – as Independents don’t have a party label or machinery built in to back them. This showcases that voters are hungry for candidates with the right policies and the independence to advocate for them – not a party agenda. Babinec’s message is strongly resonating with voters. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has endorsed Babinec in this race over the two party candidates – the first time they have ever endorsed an independent candidate.

Babinec demonstrates that Independents aren’t spoilers – they are strong, viable choices for voters. He's pulling support from R's, D's, and I's in nearly equal measure, and has strong support across the geographically diverse district. Politico called this a "rare opportunity for third party win" in this region.