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AK Gov. Bill Walker, Elected Independents Make Case for A New Way

Washington – Against the backdrop of dysfunctional government, widespread economic uncertainty, and a general failure of the two-party system to solve many of the nation’s most pressing challenges, a crop of Independent elected officeholders today came together to make the case that independent candidates for public office can get elected and bridge the political divide between Republicans and Democrats.

Campaign Finance Reforms Could Change Our Elections

It’s an open secret that elections in the United States are as much affected by money as they are by votes. A mediocre candidate with healthy funding is nearly always more likely to win out over a strong candidate without the tools to get their message out. During the Trump vs. Clinton race, over $4.4 billion was spent on television ads alone. Even though 2016 was an exception to the rule, with Donald Trump spending less than Hillary Clinton but...


Editor's Note: This blog was written by a guest writer and the views expressed here may not represent The Centrist Project. NOT JUST ‘ANOTHER PARTY’. The Centrist Project’s main goal is to elect independents to Congress and statehouses who will enact sensible policy compromises. You know, like those delegates at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. Well—you might wonder—how would a centrist party be any different? 

5 Key Ways to Bridge the Hyper-Partisan Divide on Infrastructure

Remember all that talk about infrastructure during the 2016 presidential campaign? America needs massive new investments in infrastructure: safer bridges; modern sewers; a more efficient electricity grid; better transportation options; an upgraded air traffic control system; and so on. Building infrastructure would create jobs in the short run. More important, it would make us richer and more productive as a nation in the long run.

Ballot Access Reforms Are a Necessity. Here's Why.

Ballot Access Reforms Are a Necessity. Here's Why.  Political advisor and author Mark McKinnon says that “A messy participatory process is representative democracy at its best.” We understand what he’s getting at. The contest of ideas and the formation of interest groups is an important part of our political process. But there’s a difference between messy and rigged. Nearly half of all Americans identify as independents, unwilling to endorse either the Democratic or Republican political parties. Yet, even in an...

Finding Common Ground: Health Care

If only we had a handful of Centrist Independents in the U.S. Senate right now to be the catalyst for a more constructive debate over real health care reform. Health care does not have to be a hyper-partisan issue; sadly the Republicans and Democrats have turned it into one.

On the National Debt

Editor's note: This guest post was written by Andrew Hicks, blogger for, and the views expressed may not necessarily represent The Centrist Project We've had it too sweet for too long, and now America's financial appendix is ready to burst. Our national debt approaches $20 trillion, and our leaders only accelerate the issue, every way you cut it. The only solution, no matter how unpleasant, is to increase taxes and decrease government spending. Yet we're left with elected officials who only...

9News Feature: Colorado Centrist Project

Centrist Project Executive Director Nick Troiano and Senior Strategist Joel Searby were featured on 9NEWS Denver’s weekly “Balance of Power” segment on Sunday morning.  The pair highlighted our plans to recruit and support unaffiliated candidates for office in Colorado. Check out the interview here.