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Why I Joined The Centrist Project

I’m not much of a joiner, especially where politics is concerned, but recently I signed up with something called the Centrist Project. It’s a group that aims to overcome political polarization, which has reached a level they believe harms our country. I’ve also grown worried about how hyper-partisanship is enervating our nation’s politics. I’d like to work against it somehow, and even though the Centrist Project is relatively new, when I saw I could become a “founding member” merely by...

In France, Hope for Centrism

Recent developments in the French Presidential election have made centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron a leading contender with two months to go in the campaign.

America Deserves Better: My Journey in Political Reform

The Centrist Project's new Executive Director, Nick Troiano, reflects on his decade-long journey to fix politics. You can reach Nick at On Election Day in 2006, I stood outside of my polling place in Milford, PA and asked voters to sign a petition that read:  “To Congress: As We the People vote today, we are asking you to do your part and end the blame-game politics of Washington. Partisan bickering cannot solve the crucial issues we face. America deserves...

Statement from The Centrist Project

Statement by Pamela Peak, Executive Director: “In repudiating the media and political establishments throughout the 2016 election cycle, Americans across the spectrum have sent a very loud message that politics as usual must fundamentally change. “While we remain deeply troubled by elements of Donald Trump’s campaign, we congratulate the President-Elect on his victory and wish him well as he prepares to lead the United States of America. We sincerely hope Mr. Trump, together with the new leadership of the U.S. Senate,...

Centrist Election Results

We congratulate our endorsed candidates and our ballot measure partners on their excellent work this cycle. Fighting to improve democracy is difficult but important work, and we thank them for their leadership. Together, it’s time to unite and fix a political system that is in tremendous need of repair.

Help Fix Our Democracy: Important Ballot Measures We Support

While the Centrist Project is focused on breaking through political gridlock by electing Centrist independent candidates, we are also supportive of structural reforms that share the same goal. We believe good governance starts with an effective electoral process. This election, we are proud to endorse two ballot measures that advance such reforms…