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Media Coverage: "A group of centrists rise up"

At the end of March, we gathered Centrist Project staff, board members, supporters, former candidates, and partner organizations to chart the future of our movement. Jon Ward, Yahoo News' Senior Political Correspondent, had exclusive access to our Centrist Summit and offered a sneak peak of our plans for the 2018 election. 

#HackTheSenate reaches goal of 10,000 pledges

With a government as dysfunctional and polarized as ours, the question is often asked: “Why are there not more independent lawmakers in office?” Pundits will often offer the answer that it is because A) most Americans have a partisan slant and that B) independent candidates would not have the support or resources to win. But it is starting to look like those responses are no longer true:

Is the Centrist Project Even Realistic?

Evangelizers often run into resistance, and so I’ve noticed not everyone I talk to about the Centrist Project gets excited. “Sorry, but it’s a waste of time. Third parties can’t succeed in America. We’ve got a two party system and these are the two parties we’ve got.” Or to put it differently, we’re stuck with the way things are. But the lessons of American history aren’t quite as clear cut as the naysayers would have it. 

A Problem That Only Centrists Can Solve: Entitlement Reform

One of the issues that most clearly illustrates the need in our system for a centrist voice is Entitlement Reform. Democrats are stridently opposed to cutting benefits to the elderly and poor. Republicans are stridently opposed to increasing government spending or raising taxes. No compromise has been possible to date.


Centrist Project Founding Members throughout the 50 states were joined last week on an exclusive phone call with businesswoman and Centrist Project  Founding Board Member Katherine Gehl.

Smerconish Interview

On April 26th, 2017 Centrist Project Executive Director Nick Troiano sat down with radio host Michael Smerconish to give his take on the growing independent movement. 

Media Coverage: "Rise of Independents?"

Last week Carl Cannon, Executive Editor of RealClearPolitics, wrote a column about The Centrist Project's mission to help elect centrist-independent candidates. Cannon begins his column by noting the growing hyper-partisanship in D.C and the fact that Sen. Angus King is the only independent in Congress. (Sen. Bernie Sanders calls himself an independent but caucuses and campaigns with Democrats and sought the Democratic party's nomination for President last year.)

Press Release: #HackTheSenate Campaign

Centrist Project Launches Independent Candidate Recruitment Campaign for 2018 Election San Francisco, CA – With strong funding, leadership, and grassroots momentum, the Centrist Project announced today a new “#HackTheSenate” campaign to reform America’s dysfunctional political system. The Centrist Project is recruiting independent candidates to run for U.S. Senate and state legislatures in 2018. Voters have already begun pledging their support and crowdfunding contributions online.