Founding Members

David C.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF Small business owner from Irvine, California. Undergrad from UCR, Law student at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Activist.  

Ben L.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF I'm a hard-working intelligent individual that just earned his Master's of Public Administration after spending more than 10 years in newspapers. I'm currently in Western North Carolina and am preparing for the next step after school.  

Kristin K.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF My name is Kristin, and I was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Yes, my football team is better than yours, LOL. I currently reside in De Pere, WI. I'm an eternal optimist working to build a better world for future generations, including my three rambunctious little boys, but my day job is as an account manager for a private label food company.     

Kent N.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF I am a first generation immigrant US citizen, born in Eastern Nigeria and currently live in East Orange, New Jersey with my family. I hold graduate degrees in Architecture and Community Economic Development. As a community development activist, I believe that government MUST be a force for the good of all citizens irrespective of age, race, social and economic status, sexual orientation, etc. I am unapologetic to the rights of enlightened ordinary citizens to determine who...

Greg E.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF My name is Greg. I'm happily married with three wonderful children. We live in Milwaukee where we plan to live out the rest of our days seeking to help Milwaukee flourish in a way that the results of its flourishing benefit all who live here. 

Roy P.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF Son of immigrants who lived the American Dream. Born in NYC. Raised in Wisconsin. Packers shareholder. Government major in college. Medical school. Surgeon living in Seattle. 

Paul L.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF I've retired as a biologist, having worked on water quality issues in California. Previously US Navy fighter pilot. Recently added a Master degree in early US history from Univ. of NC. My wife and I divide our time between my place in Asheville, NC and hers in Oslo, Norway. I enjoy studying history, government, and languages, teaching adult ed classes, playing competitive chess, and playing music - mostly guitar, cello, and piano. Web site 

Christopher N.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF My name is Christopher Nutting. I am a 48-year-old male, lived in Northern California area for most of my life. I have a BA degree in Government from California State University, Sacramento, and hope to become (more) engaged in the political process.  

James H.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF I am first and foremost a husband and a father. I am a Colorado native but have traveled and lived extensively around the world. We are a family that uses national parks and public lands extensively. Although raised in a Democratic household, I found myself drawn to the Republican ideal (it also may have been my sense of rebellion against my father as a youth). While I have steadfastly remained a registered Republican, I have not...

Charles C.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF I'm a political romantic and a centrist and have been inspired by Theodore Roosevelt and Winston Churchill among many others. I'm from Illinois, but I love traveling and exploring, and I have lived in many states including New Mexico where I reside currently. My wife and I believe in public service and spent two years in the Peace Corps in Tanzania.