Founding Members

Fred B.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. I was born in New York City, raised in Miami, Florida. Entered the Air Force in 1960 retired in 1988 as a Master Sergeant. I worked in county government for seven and half years (Denver County) and worked in the Electric Utility industry for 27 years as an Information Technology professional.I received my Bachelor’s degree in Management Science in 1982.I’ve lived in New York, Florida, Germany, Colorado, Nevada, and California. I currently live in Tampa, Florida.I’m...

Steven B.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. I'm a structural engineer in Kansas City, Missouri. I graduated from the University of Missouri in 2014 with an M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering. I would describe myself as a free thinker.

Doug W.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. - Live in Grantham, NH near my alma mater, Dartmouth.- Founder and president of The Wise Associates, held senior management positions with global advertising agencies McCann-Erickson Worldwide and Lowe Worldwide; and global communications company Interpublic Group of Companies.- Worked with senior officers of major clients who understood how focused growth strategies, accountability, and communications help build loyal relations with their consumers and customers. These clients included Coca-Cola, Sony, Goodyear and Gillette.- Organized The Wise Associates in...

Sandra K.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. I’m a freelance writer, and I’m especially interested in telling stories about scientists, artists, and entrepreneurs who do inspiring things in parts of the country that are often overlooked or misunderstood. I’m originally from Wisconsin, and I now live in Alabama after spending some time in Europe.  

Angie G.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. I live in red county in a blue state (Yakima, WA) and work at a university with only one program (osteopathic medicine) that matriculated its first class in 2008. Since that time, I have felt incremental shifts in the political wind. More educated people (the faculty who came here to teach and practice medicine) and 20- to 30-somethings determined to address the maldistribution of physicians across the Northwest (especially medically underserved areas and rural communities) have...

Payton W.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. I am 20 years old, grew up in CT then moved out to CO about four years ago. I am currently a senior at the University of Colorado, Boulder studying Economics and Political Science. I have been enamored with public service from an early age, and recently had the pleasure to start working with the Centrist Project and work towards creating real change in our electoral system.   

David P.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. My name is David and I am from Chicago, Illinois. I received a B.S. in History from Northern Illinois University. I am currently pursuing a Masters in Information Management while working in operations for a financial institution.  

Perry W.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. I was born and raised in New York. I moved to Jacksonville FL in 2000 at the age of 23 for work. I started out life as a moderate/liberal Republican (fiscally conservative, balance the budget, but liberal on social issues...I don't believe the govt should be in the business of telling anyone who they can marry or what they can do with their bodies). But in 2003 I registered as no party affiliation and view myself...

Danny S.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. I am a Northeastern Junior College graduate and soon-to-be student at Colorado State University. My major is Economics and I'm passionate about helping alleviate poverty and aiding in the role of good governance in this country. I'm a former exchange student to Germany and I like to learn different languages and explore other cultures. The fields of history, government, and economics have also always intrigued me.  

Nicole R.

TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF. I am a civil engineer in Oklahoma, originally from the DFW suburbs in Texas.