Learn about the Centrist Project

This country was founded on innovation.

With increasingly evolving and tumultuous times, Americans keep innovating. Breakthroughs are happening all around us. Yet, this innovative spirit been absent in the part of our society that desperately needs it the most: our government.

It is no secret, Congress is broken. Partisan gridlock prevents our government from carrying out its most basic functions.

Congress is at a crossroads: two parties, zero results. We must break through political gridlock.

Welcome to the Centrist Project, a movement of innovators primed to bring real change to this country. Our strategy: elect 5 independent, centrist senators that form a powerful swing bloc in Congress. This rational coalition will balance the power in Congress and stop the partisan games plaguing Washington. We will ensure the decisions made in Congress represent real people and enable changes that are right for our nation—not right for a party.

And all it takes is five. Five Independent, Centrist Senators with rational principles like fiscal responsibility and social tolerance. The five who will drive meaningful change that not only benefits, but unites, our country—today and tomorrow.

But we can’t do it alone. Take a stand and join the Centrist Project now. Breakthrough politics to move America forward.


We want to empower the middle. 43% of Americans now describe themselves as independent. My vision is to give a home to people who just want to make things better through the political system, who are not hyper-partisan, who want to take back the system from those who have hijacked it. We’re a movement movement of folks who share this pragmatism and have a problem solving approach. Please join us today.” - Charlie Wheelan

“America needs leaders guided by the interests of our nation’s founding principles and our citizens – not partisan politics. When the nation was torn apart, did Lincoln play games of chicken with the future of our country until he got his way? No. He worked to heal and ensure a brighter future for the nation. We need Americans to demand that spirit today from Congress.” - Pam Peak