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Michelle Nunn

Democrat, Georgia

• An important opportunity for moderates to gain in the Senate.

• Carries on the legacy of her father, Sam Nunn (D-GA).

• A pro-business Democrat running on bipartisanship.

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 Greg Orman


Independent, Kansas

• Co-founder of bipartisan cooperation organization, The Common Sense Coalition.

• Running as an Independent to fix a deeply flawed political system.

• Believes in common sense, business friendly solutions to environmental policy.

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Susan Collins

Republican, Maine

• A standard-bearer for moderates in the Senate.

• A coalition-builder who enables the passage of important legislation.

• A moderate Republican who has held firm to her beliefs despite Tea Party Pressure.

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Larry Pressler

Independent, South Dakota

• A former Senator running as a credible Independent candidate in South Dakota.

• Running to end the "poisonous gridlock" in Washington.

• An excellent record of integrity from his time in Washington.

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Jill BossiJBossi2011.JPG

American Party, South Carolina

• Excellent business experience.

• Strong commitment to public service exemplified by her many years of work as an executive for the American Red Cross.

• Will use her deal-making experience from business to advance pragmatic solutions to our nation's problems.

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