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Larry Pressler Stopped By the Roll Call Book Club

Independent and Centrist Project Voice endorsed candidate Larry Pressler dropped by the Roll Call Book Club. "Former South Dakota Sen. Larry Pressler, who served in the House and Senate as a Republican and trying to return to the Senate as an independent, stopped by Monday night’s Roll Call Book Club at Hill Center, which happened to be discussing Charles Wheelan’s “The Centrist Manifesto,” a book arguing for the need to elect centrists not affiliated with the two major parties to Congress."...

A Solution to the Debt Dilemma

Centrist Project founder Charlie Wheelan discusses a solution to the national debt dilemma in this opinion piece in Politico. "Republicans and Democrats are deeply entrenched at the moment, as the country slides toward default. The two parties stand opposed on principle. But the real problem at this point is pride. The leaders and parties involved have internalized this situation as winning or losing. Ordinary Americans are the real losers of this debacle."Read more: