Larry Pressler

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Larry Pressler

Independent, South Dakota

• A former Senator running as a credible Independent candidate in South Dakota.

• Running to end the "poisonous gridlock" in Washington.

• An excellent record of integrity from his time in Washington.

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A Record of Integrity in the House and Senate

Larry Pressler has dedicated his life to public service. After serving in Vietnam, Pressler served for several years in the Foreign Service before running for Congress in 1974. Pressler served two terms in the House of Representatives and three terms in the Senate. During the ABSCAM investigations, in which undercover FBI agents offered bribes to Congressmen and Senators for legislative favors, Pressler was notably the only representative approached who flatly refused to accept a bribe. His integrity garnered him national praise, and he will return this high level of integrity back to Washington if he is elected.

Dedicated to Resolving Partisan Gridlock

Pressler served in the House and Senate during the often referred to "good old days," before partisanship and political extremism consumed the discourse and eliminated trust between the parties. Pressler's experience from past years will help him to rekindle this spark of trust and civil discourse between members of Congress, resolve the infighting, and help restore the trust which is so essential to achieving compromise. 

A History of Putting Issues Ahead of Party

Since leaving the Senate, Pressler has consistently shown he is willing to put the issues ahead of party. In 2008, he announced his endorsement of Barack Obama over John McCain, a fellow Republican whom he served with in the Senate. In 2012, Pressler again announced his endorsement of Obama, citing the Republican Party's continual movement to the right as his primary motivation. In an op-ed he wrote in 2012, Pressler cited his continuing hesitations about the direction of the Republican Party,

"In 2008 I voted for Barack Obama...because the Republican Party was drifting towards a dangerous path that put extreme party ideology above national interest. Mitt Romney heads a party remaining on that path."

In 2013, Pressler was one of many prominent Republicans who signed an Amicus Curae Brief in support of same-sex marriage submitted to the Supreme Court in the case of Hollingsworth v. Perry. The Supreme Court's ruling overturned California's Proposition 8 ban on gay marriage, and allowed for the continual opening up of marriage to gay couples in states across the country.

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