By Nick Troiano on May 08, 2017

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Centrist Project Statement on the Election of Centrist Emmanuel Macron

"Emmanuel Macron's election to the French presidency as a first-time, independent candidate demonstrates that constructive political disruption can come from the political center. And it can happen here, too. A similar "En Marche!" movement in France has already begun at the state level, where several centrist independent candidates were elected in 2016. Since the Centrist Project's public launch last month, we have already begun fielding dozens of inquiries from potential independent state and federal candidates for the next election. With a majority of Americans now holding an unfavorable view of both parties, we believe the political moment is ripe to challenge the two-party duopoly in the United States, and win." 

- Nick Troiano | Executive Director, Centrist Project & former centrist, independent candidate for U.S. House


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