Margaret Stock


Margaret Stock is a retired lieutenant colonel who served her country in the U.S Army Military Police Corps for 28 years. After earning degrees from Harvard Law School, the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Army War College, Margaret went on to become a leading legal expert on the intersection of immigration and national security and was awarded a 2013 MacArthur Foundation "genius grant" for her work in that area.

Stock, a first-time candidate who spent most of her adult life as a registered Republican,​ ran for U.S Senate as an Independent during the 2016 campaign cycle. Margaret saw the harmful effect big money and partisanship has had ​on our institutions in Washington and believes we need people in Congress who will answer to the ​American people – not a party, not a party agenda and ​not the special interests​.

“There’s a disconnect between the major parties and the people they supposedly serve, and you see it in the increasing numbers of voters who are registering as independents. The Centrist Project’s goal of electing a half-dozen independent senators who can break the partisan impasse in the U.S. Senate would force the parties to work together in the best interest of the American people.”- Margaret Stock