Oh, the Charm in the Middle

By Dane Test Sherrets on July 31, 2014

Oh, the Charm in the Middle

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The Washington Times discusses the launch of The Centrist Project Voice, the nation's first PAC for moderate voters and candidates.

"Voter vexation with elected officials is the worst on record according to a new Gallup poll revealing that 72 percent of registered voters say most members of Congress do not deserve re-election. That’s the lowest approval of Congress the pollster has measured in an election year.

But wait. Now on the political landscape, and a timely launch it is: here comes the Centrist Project Voice,the first political action committee supporting candidates poised to set aside partisan politics and focus on the core issues of critical importance to all Americans.

The unusual dynamic: they promote centrist candidates regardless of their party affiliation."

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/may/15/oh-bipartisan-charm-middle-nations-first-centrist-/#ixzz394Mw4Hib