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 Centrist Project hopes to break statehouse gridlock by electing independent candidates

Ernest Luning, Colorado Politics (9/6/17)

Armed with fresh polling that shows an overwhelming majority of Colorado voters ready to cast ballots for independents — with nearly as many blaming Democrats and Republicans for partisan gridlock — along with a budding apparatus meant to provide the kind of training, organizing and fundraising support before only available to partisan candidates, Troiano believes the Centrist Project can prove that independents can get elected and, once in office, change the state’s political culture, with just a little help.

 Interview with Centrist Project's Nick Troiano

C-SPAN's Washington Journal (9/2/17)

Can Independents Break the Two Party Stranglehold?

CNN (8/12/17)


Is there room for a political center in Washington? Ex-officials - a Democrat and a Republican - start new group to find out

Jim Brunner, The Seattle Times (9/16/17)

The American people are hungry for an alternative to the status quo, to the dysfunction and the gridlock in the two political parties,’ he [Vance] said. Vance defined the centrist group as ‘fiscally conservative, pro free enterprise, socially tolerant, environmentally responsible.’ Baird added there will be no specific litmus test for candidates.


This Man Wants to Make Colorado Ground Zero for Electing Independents

Andrea Dukakis, Colorado Public Radio (8/23/17)

The group, which plans to target five legislative districts in Colorado that are still to be determined, says polls that indicate high voter dissatisfaction demonstrate that the political climate in Colorado and the nation is ripe for this kind of change. 


Independents Are Starting to Organize

Edward-Isaac Dovere, POLITICO Magazine (8/8/17)

With a historically unpopular Republican president in the White House and a Democratic Party in epic disarray, they think this is  their moment.


Syracuse, N.Y. Mayoral Race Result May Embolden Independent Candidates

Mike Vilensky, Wall Street Journal (9/12/17)

‘It takes a credible individual to be competitive because voters want to know they’re not wasting their votes,’ [Troiano] said. ‘Ben’s win will encourage more quality independents to run because they’ll see it’s possible.’


Can a 'Centrist Project' break the power of politics parties in Colorado? They're trying

Corey Hutchins, Colorado Independent (6/22/17)

The mission of The Centrist Project is to be a catalyst for bringing both sides back together to address the really large and long-term challenges facing our communities, our state, and our country,” Trioano says. “We see Colorado as having both a need and an opportunity to prove that’s possible.


Centrist Project Charts Path for Electing Independents

Kyle Stewart, Roll Call (7/12/17)

While obstacles may be abundant, Troiano pointed to his fellow panelists as an indication that the current political environment may be fertile ground for independent candidates.

Fed up with the 2 parties, a group of centrists rises up

Jon Ward, Yahoo News (4/1/17)

The group has a goal: Elect a small band of independents in the U.S. Senate to force compromise between Republicans and Democrats.

Centrism for America

PBS' The Open Mind (6/12/17)

Centrist Project seeks to elect independents

9News Colorado (6/18/17)


A Call to Revive America's Political Center

Mort Kondracke, Real Clear Politics (6/22/17)

The Centrist Project has given up on the Republican-Democratic 'duopoly' and is trying to create a third force...They aim to establish centrist independent blocs in the Senate and state legislatures.


Evan McMullin’s War

McKay Coppins, The Atlantic (6/15/17)

One group, the Centrist Project, is working to identify closely divided legislative bodies—from small state legislatures to the U.S. Senate—where electing a handful of independents could deny the major parties an outright majority.


Rise of the independents?

Op-Ed by Carl Cannon, Los Angeles Daily News (4/22/17)

In this scenario, neither Mitch McConnell nor Chuck Schumer will hold the gavel. The Senate leader would almost certainly be an independent or an independent-minded senator who relishes bipartisan cooperation.

Does American Politics Need More Independents in Office?

Leo Doran, Inside Sources (7/10/17)

Troiano’s team is less dedicated to building a third party to take outright control of politics, as much as empowering “unparty” candidates to deny majorities to the traditional establishment forces. 

Nick Troiano on the Michael Smerconish Program (4/26/17)

“How hard is it to run for office in the United States as an independent –– not a Democrat or Republican?"

Changing Lanes with Nick Troiano (4/24/17)

Washington Bureau Chief Carl Cannon sits down with Centrist Project Executive Director Nick Troiano and they talk about how more third party candidates can run for elected positions.

Macron's Centrist Playbook

Nick Troiano, US News & World Report (4/27/17)

Macron's anticipated success offers tangible hope that leaders can channel the electorate's anti-establishment anger in a way that unites rather than divides people across partisan, ideological and cultural lines. 

Poll: Evan McMullin beats Sen. Orrin Hatch in head-to-head matchup

Dennis Romboy, Deseret News (4/21/17)

The Centrist Project, which is recruiting candidates to run for Senate and state legislatures in 2018, commissioned the survey to gauge Utahns' opinions on several issues and the viability of an independent candidate in the upcoming Senate race.