Endorsed Ballot Measures

2016 Measures to Improve Democracy


We believe good governance starts with an effective electoral process. In the 2016 election, we were proud to endorse two ballot measures that advance such reforms. 

Maine’s Ranked Choice Voting initiative 

Aimed to provide a system that works – enabling candidates with the best ideas (and not the biggest bank accounts or celebrity status) to have a fighting chance.

How RCV works: voters rank the candidates based on their most to least preferred, and the winning candidate is the one who ultimately garners the majority of votes. Here’s a quick video on how the process works. Voters are no longer stuck with voting for the “lesser of two evils” and have a stronger voice and choice in our democracy. 

We were also excited to support the Let Colorado Vote campaign, which lead the fight on two ballot measures in Colorado to (1) restore a presidential primary and (2) open primary elections to unaffiliated voters.

These measures were focused on increasing participation in our democratic process and ensuring independent voters can cast ballots in elections they already pay for as taxpayers.