“I’m passionate about the strategy the Centrist Project is trying to execute because I think it’s fundamentally the only way we start to get Washington back into the business of truly solving problems. If we don’t, the neglect we are seeing in Washington today means our standard of living, our status in the world and the very existence of the middle class in America is at risk.” – Greg Orman

“We have a government that no longer works. The Centrist Project is a group of rational people who say we cannot continue what we are doing today and expect that our country is going to improve. They have a winning strategy to breakthrough the poisonous gridlock in Washington.” – Senator Larry Pressler

“The two extremes are tearing this nation apart with their stubborn rhetoric and lack of action. I refuse to just sit back and watch. Our country is worth fighting for!”Phillip Slater, MD 

“I support The Centrist Project because it’s a paradigm shift. We are trying to disrupt the political system. Giving a viable runway for independent candidates to be elected as US senators will start to break the gridlock and polarization and get more moderate voices into public office. It forces compromise on both sides of the aisle.” – Jay Livingston, NY

“It’s simple: imagine what would happen if you put 3-5 independent US senators where they sit in the middle, and the right and left have to come to them to get things done. Problems get addressed, America moves forward.” - Nick Troiano

“Why should the two parties have all the fun – at our expense? It’s time for innovation in politics” Gregg Brockway

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